Looking for a B2B copywriter who can write like a journalist and think like a marketer?

You’ve come to the right place. 

Chances are you’re looking for more than just a writer who can produce good copy. You want someone who brings a fresh perspective and marketing know-how to make the deliverables you’ve envisioned even better.

I work with business owners, marketers, web developers, and agencies to write web content, articles, case studies, and white papers that position clients as trusted advisors and effectively move their prospects through the buyer journey. I specialize in writing for B2B SaaS, healthcare technology, and professional services

By combining my journalism interviewing and writing skills with my marketing brain, I work collaboratively with clients to develop compelling content that converts. My strategic blend of journalism and marketing enables me to:

  • Quickly grasp technical subjects,
  • Interview and research effectively to gather key information,
  • Craft content that resonates with prospects, and
  • Become a seamless extension of your marketing team.

Learn more about what makes me different.