I’m interested in hiring you for my project. What’s next?

  1. After you contact me, we’ll talk by phone (free of charge) about the scope of your project, budget, and schedule for completion. If we agree that I'm a good fit, I’ll email you a written proposal that describes the deliverable(s) along with an estimated fee. I’ll ask that you sign, scan, and email the proposal back to me prior to the start of the project.

  2. Next, we will arrange a kick-off meeting to discuss the finer details of the project. At this time I’ll ask that you provide as much background material as possible, which may include brochures, marketing emails, reports, case studies and/or web content. This step may also include industry research, competitive analysis, message development, persona development and/or a content audit as needed and defined in the proposal. I may request to interview you, your staff and/or your clients to gain additional insight about your product or service. This kind of “investigative” interviewing can be an effective tool for uncovering those nuggets of information that make your deliverable resonate with your prospects.

  3. We'll work collaboratively via phone and email as I develop your content. I will deliver an initial draft for your review and complete up to two rounds of revisions that are included in my fee.

  4. Finally, I deliver your copy on time and within budget. 

How much do you charge?

I typically charge a per-project fee. In most cases I can give you a fee range during our initial discussion and then, if we decide to work together, provide a final estimate in the proposal. Ask about my volume discount. 

What’s included with the fee?

In addition to the finished copy, the fee includes research, message strategizing, two revisions, and one in-person meeting (if necessary). Additional meetings and revisions are charged at an hourly rate.

What happens if I cancel the project before it is completed or if I change my mind about the direction of the project after you start?

If you decide to cancel the project for any reason, payment will be pro-rated for the work that has been performed up to that point. If the project changes significantly in direction or scale, I’ll provide a new proposal and fee estimate.

Will I own all rights to the copy you’ve written?

Once all copywriting fees for the project have been paid, you own the rights to all work created for you. I may use your project in hard copy and electronic form in my portfolio. Please let me know if you have concerns about confidentiality.

Do you do graphic design?

I do not provide graphic design, but I can help locate a designer if you don’t have one already. Either way, I’ll coordinate with the designer to make sure that the copy and designs enhance each other.

What’s the best way to reach you?

Email lauren[at]appaink.com or complete this form. I’ll respond within one business day.