Unlike most copywriters, I am a trained journalist and experienced marketing professional who can quickly understand complex subjects, interview effectively to gather key information, and convert facts, quotes, research, and raw data into compelling content.

If the following statements sound like you, then we might be a great match…



I do more than just write good copy. I work with b2b technology companies to craft messaging that optimizes their content for users, executives, and other decision makers and assists these prospects as they move through the buyer journey. With my background in journalism, I know how to ask the right questions about technical topics and listen for those important nuggets of information that create compelling content. The result is content that’s all meaty details and impactful benefits – without fluff.

You’re busy and need content delivered on deadline.

My consulting background means I know how to fit seamlessly into your workflow, producing the content you need when you need it. With me, you’ll never worry about content veering off schedule and creating a bottleneck for your marketing plans. I meet deadlines. Period.

You don’t have time for handholding.

Most likely you’re hiring a writer because you don’t have time to produce the content yourself and you certainly don’t have time to guide a writer every step of the way. I’m an experienced marketer who can quickly understand your goals. I never need handholding to deliver content that meets or exceeds your expectations.

You need it done right – the first time.

You don’t have time to go back and check a writer’s work to ensure they got the facts right. You’ll never need to second guess the copy I deliver because I  produce clean copy that’s on message, factually correct, and as close to final as possible.

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